Working for Van Ameyde:
our story, your choice

Drive innovation that matters

Unlike major tech companies focused on consumers, we are largely unseen, yet we work at the heart of the operations of the world’s leading insurance brands. We enable others to help restore lives and businesses after disaster has struck and we create great digital user experiences. What we do, what you do, matters. And better still, at Van Ameyde Systems, you’re not just a cog in the wheel. You drive innovation and get to see the results of your work. We give you the support and training you need to grow. Get ready to dive into a dynamic community!

Unleash your talent

We personalise your continuous learning journey based on what you aspire to do. Industry-recognised courses, training, and coaching to hone your skills and competencies. It’s all part of our offer. Would you like to take on new responsibilities, perhaps a managerial role? Or switch lanes and change your career path? Let’s hear your ideas and get on with it!

Enjoy job autonomy

We trust you to take ownership of your work and help your team in any way possible. To help you do that, you’re in charge of your tasks, goals and schedule. We don’t micromanage; we empower you to get the job done. Do you need any help or advice? Just ask! We support and coach you and are always on hand to help each other.

Balance work and life

We understand that you have many important roles in life. To enable you to combine these, we help you secure your work-life balance. How? By supporting flexible and hybrid working, enabling you to simplify the ‘logistics’ of your life. Talk to your manager about what works best for your role, development, and personal circumstances, because we want you to be happy on the job and in life!

Life at Van Ameyde Systems

To innovate means to dive deep into uncharted territory. And that’s challenging and hard work. But it’s also very rewarding. And Van Ameyde Systems is a fun place to be, always brimming with energy and creativity. Together, we share knowledge, explore ideas and dig deeper to successfully apply cutting-edge technologies for our clients. 

A diverse and inclusive culture

At Van Ameyde Systems, you are part of something bigger. That something bigger is defined by our shared ethics and core values that guide and inspire us. We foster a culture where you are valued for who you are. You can truly be yourself in a friendly and supportive environment. Because, as an international, multicultural company, diversity and inclusion come naturally to us, as does equality. Our combined identities, ambitions and attitudes make up our strengths and enrich our culture.

Guided by our values

Take on the future by taking on change for the better. That’s what innovation is all about and why we embrace change. Harnessing teamwork, entrepreneurship and creativity, we identify what’s needed and act upon it. And we constantly improve, exploring the latest technologies and forging tight-knit teams in a supportive, caring and fun community.

Accelerating a sustainable future

As part of the global claims & risk management organisation of Van Ameyde, we fully subscribe to our group’s sustainability drive. And we mean business, which is why Van Ameyde has engaged EcoVadis, the leading business sustainability ratings provider, to audit our progress in our drive to comply with the Global Reporting Initiative standards for sustainable reporting.

Learn more about the steps Van Ameyde is taking (GRI)

The GRI Standards reflect global best practices for sustainability reporting. These are the steps we’re taking towards GRI Standards compliance, meeting ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria:

Reducing our environmental footprint

  • Recycling and circularity to reduce waste
  • Fewer travel movements
  • Greener buildings and transport
  • Group target is CO2 neutrality by 2030

Fulfilling our social responsibility

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Stimulate growth opportunities
  • Engage in charitable events
  • Anti-discrimination and equal opportunities for all

Embedding responsible business practices

  • Adherence to ethics and code of conduct
  • Zero tolerance of corruption and discrimination
  • Absence of modern slavery in our supply chain

Ensuring sustainable procurement

  • Reduce environmental impact of supply chain
  • Secure fair trade
  • Protect human rights in our supply chain